Behind The Sunset –
Painting Heaven Together
(Original Mix)

For the better part of a decade, Arnej Secerkadic has been an unfathomable creative force in the studio. Whether it is producing spine-tingling orchestral pieces or devilishly techy and intricate grooves, he continues to dominate progressive trance, having honed his own dark, signature sound. From producing the epic orchestral “Heroes of Newerth” game soundtrack to churning out masterfully composed harmonies under his Arnej and 8 Wonders monikers, his work has proven to be a sonic treat for fans.

“Painting Heaven Together” is first released track by Behind The Sunset.

Track info

LENGTH: 7:53
BPM: 134
KEY: D♯ min


01. Arnej – Musical Evolution (Overture)
02. Grube & Hovespian vs Klauss Goulart – Territory (Celluloid Mix)
03. Tim Penner – Misuto (Original Mix)
04. Bobina – Pune (Original Mix)
05. Taras Bezev & Maxim Yurin – Play With Me (Original Mix)
06. Arnej – No Turning Back (Original Mix)
07. KHomHa – It Akts (Sunrise Mix)
08. Dave Emanuel presents DEH – Drop It (Original Mix)
09. 1Touch – Jealous (Original Mix)
10. Emin K. and Ansarov – Adrenaline (Original Mix)
11. Balthazar & JackRock – Puerto Rico (Alex Di Stefano Mix)
12. Dyor feat Matthew Hill – On The Road (Ricky T Mix)
13. Leon Bolier – Vengeance Vengeance (Original Mix)
14. Arnej vs Orjan – The Music Makers (Original Mix)
15. 8 Wonders – X (Original Mix)
16. Ernesto & Bastian – Dark Side Of The Moon (Arnej Club Mix)
17. Morvan – Sahara (Original Mix)
18. Deehec – Epical (Original Mix)
19. Behind The Sunset – Painting Heaven Together (Original Mix)
  • Arnej Music
  • 2011-09-23
  • Progressive Trance
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